Monday, October 3

Ipoh chickens goooooood

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Gonna be a short one: just came back from KL yesterday... clothes are still in the backpack left on the floor. Gotta remember to do laundry later. Where's the maid mum when you need her...

Stopped by Ipoh on the way home and miraculously found my way past Jusco into Ipoh Old Town for some good ol' fashioned chikken rice. Anyway, what is with Ipoh's hor fun noodles and chicken rice? Damn they're good! Can't get enuff! Our dinner party gobbled down one entire heaped plate of white chicken & taugeh, and then called for seconds. Think we ordered enuff food to feed a 3rd world country. And then some. Last time I sampled Ipoh's authentic cuisine was ages and ages ago (last week).

Now, Ipoh chicken rice is one dish I would be EVER WILLING to spend 2 hours on the road for. That, and the taugeh (bean sprouts for you non-M'sians). Good God, I can't get enuff of it. More! More! More!!!!

Think it's the limestone and the Ipoh water that makes the food so damn good, and the Ipoh chicks so damn fair and cute.

Now why can't we get some of that Ipoh water over here in PG... am sure the local PG chicks would stand to benefit.

PS: No PG chicks were harmed/offended during the making of this motion picture senseless blog entry.

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